Eve Lom Cleanser


Cleanser is one of those skin care items that I normally tend to scrimp on. After all, it’s only on your face for 30 seconds or so before being rinsed down the drain.

I typically like a creamy cleanser (especially in the winter months when my face could crack and fall of at any moment) that leaves a bit of moisture on my skin while still feeling squeaky clean.

I got my hands on a sample of the infamous Eve Lom Cleanser (you know, the one that Vogue editors called “probably the best cleanser in the world”) and tested it for several weeks.

Here’s the thing about this cleanser: It’s ridiculously expensive ($135) but the tiniest bit goes a long way (a 6.8 oz jar will likely last you an entire year) and it’s SO DAMN GOOD. Aside from the fact that it smells like Home Depot (must be the essential oils, go figure) this is by far the best winter cleanser I’ve ever tried. It’s definitely a cleanser to splurge on; it’s worth every penny.

Eve Lom Cleanser is in a balm form, melting into your skin as you cleanse. It comes with a woven muslin cloth that is used with the cleanser to improve circulation, open pores, cleanse, exfoliate and tone the skin in minutes.

“Eve Lom is one of the most respected and sought-after beauty professionals alive today. Born in Czechoslovakia, Eve met the renowned skin specialist Georgette Klinger in Hollywood in the early 1980s and began her career as a facialist. It was here that she acquired a devoted following for her now legendary facial.

Eve subsequently relocated to London where she studied anatomy, nutrition and massage techniques. In China she trained in acupuncture. In 1984, the first Eve Lom salon opened in London. Today, Eve Lom skincare products and the signature Eve Lom facial are available in stores and spas around the world.”

Eve Lom Cleanser $135.

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  • I’ve been so curious about this one…I really need to just cave and try it out!

  • I watched a video about her when I was in cosmetology school. She’s one crazy lady. Her facials look kinda painful but people swear by them. I don’t think I’d enjoy them though.

    Jaime (Reply)

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