Beau Bain Lavender Bath Bomb


Every weekend I try to get in at least one relaxing, long bath to take me away from my crazy life. Amazingly, just 20 minutes of calm alone time does wonders for my attitude.

Over the last couple weekends, I’ve been enjoying luxurious bath bombs from Oregon-based company Beau Bain. The ice-cream scoop-sized bombs are not only moisturizing and relaxing, but also entertaining. It’s kind of fun to watch the bomb fizz until there’s nothing left (in Janey’s case this means making it last for the entire duration of her bath as she’s perfected the dip-and-remove, dip-and-remove, dip-and-remove, savoring every last fizz).

Beau Bain Luxurious Moisturizing Bath Bombs come in a variety of flavors, Lavender is my favorite, and are $8 each at

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  • You know after next weekend in Las Vegas with all that volleyball noise I’M GONNA NEED THESE!!!

    Carrie (Reply)

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