Teen Corner: Lauren Conrad Makeup


It’s Bree, bitches!

Ahahahaha. Hope everyone had a fab New Year’s Eve (along with someone hot to kiss at midnight!).

I spent the night hanging out on the couch with my mom and little sister re-watching Gossip Girl Season 2 episodes. (Oh, how I love Nate Archibald!) It may not sound very glamorous or fun, but it was exactly what I wanted to be doing. (I’ve been fighting a cold and my runny nose needs constant attention from a sexy box of Kleenex.)

Had I decided to hit some New Year’s Eve parties with my friends, I would have opted for eyes like Lauren Conrad’s in the photo above. I love how she’s wearing purple eye liner on the bottom and tons of dark lashes on the top. (I would definitely NOT go for the super powdered-up skin and red lips—but the eyes are beyond pretty.)

Here’s how I would create this look:


Even though Sexy Kleenex and I partied it up on the couch last night, my sister Bailey hit the town in a jewel-toned top and side braid:



(Create Bailey’s side braid in ten seconds by lightly teasing the crown, pulling hair to the side and loosely braiding. Voila!)

And here’s the sickly me with my hilarious baby sister:


Happy New Year. You know you love me!



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  • What a polite way to let your teenage daughter refer to your readers – as “bitches”? Nice.

    ieatbugs (Reply)
  • Bree your back! happy new year ((:

    Laura (Reply)
  • Hi ieatbugs, Bree was referring to this Britney Spears song. She was trying to be funny because she hasn’t updated in a while… :)

  • Thank GOD you weren’t going to do those red lips…the crazy broad didn’t even apply them properly. And where’s the usual sunny Conrad glow? Even her BROWS look a bit sad… *sniffle*

    And shush, to the first commenter. You eat freaking bugs. That’s way worse than calling someone a bitch! 😛

  • the fact that i immediately recognised the britney reference makes me feel young. haha. love reading your entries bree, happy 2009!

  • BREEE!!!! it’s nice to see you’ve been updating more recently. and i rather enjoyed the references to britney and gossip girl, seeing as i watch them all both often. besides, this is teen corner :] calling someone a bitch is completely and most lovingly acceptable in my everyday life… don’t ask why<3

    love your blog bree!!

    nessa (Reply)
  • someone ” ieatbugs” need to take chill pill, most teenagers like me say alot worse!! and clearly it was a funny reference to Britney!

    Loved this post, was like the old funny posts!!

    p.s love baileys hair, tried it last night, it looks fab!!

  • Her eyes definitely are pretty but she always wears too much powder and it settles into her fine lines. The girl is 22 she shouldn’t have wrinkles like that! I’m older than her and I don’t. She doesn’t even smoke.

    Jaime (Reply)

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