Seen and Heard at Sundance, Part II


I can’t keep up with all my celebrity sightings, but here’s a few more things I’ve seen and heard here at Sundance:

-The ridiculously hot Ben Affleck picking up a L’Oreal gift bag at the L’Oreal Paris/Entertainment Weekly Loft. He was so close I almost touched him, just so I could say that I did. (Sadly, I did not.)

Kevin Bacon (looking painfully thin) getting a touch-up before stepping into the Entertainment Weekly photo booth.

Jane Lynch getting a makeup touch-up and expressing her love for L’Oreal Infallible Lip Color.

Wesley Snipes, back for the second time, showing us his hands and exclaiming “Look! They’re not ashy!” right before grabbing a L’Oreal gift bag and heading back out into the cold.

-Karate Kid Ralph Macchio snatching up two bagfuls of candy at the L’Oreal Paris candy bar for his wife and child.

photo: wire image

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  • It would be so weird to see so many famous people in one place, weird in a good way though. :)

  • So many sightings! So cool! Do the male celebs seems shorter in real life than you expected? Just curious…I always expect them to be towering but in reality, most are not!

  • I’m surprised Ben was there so soon after the birth of his daughter….love the name they chose for her: Seraphina.

  • Ben does look hot !!!

    Melissa (Reply)
  • Kyra wasn’t with Kevin? She is so amazing… my fav at the Golden Globes.

    Julia (Reply)
  • LOL at Wesley worrying about ashy hands.

  • Ben Affleck looks SERIOUSLY spicy in that pic. I’m CRIMINALLY jeal, Erika!! Have fun!

  • Ben is such a hottie – I would have fainted if I got within touching distance. Seriously!

    Good note on Wesley Snipes noticing that his L’Oreal cream worked!

  • I love that Wesley came back. Oh, and super jeal that Ben Affleck was this close to you.

  • Ok, why isn’t Ben home with Jen and the girls? But, he is an adorable homie!!!

    Cindy (Reply)
  • MMM Ben Affleck is hot. I did the same thing when I could have touched my favorite singer. I just couldn’t do it. It’s to weird to me.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Well ladies FYI I was lucky enough to actually say Hi to
    Ben at Sundance. It was at a panel discussion, I have to tell you his publicist keeps him moving. I felt really stupid but I jetted in his direction once I saw that he was leaving, I figured it was my only chance. I’m glad I did. He is just as handsome and nice in person.

  • One more comment. I have seen many male celebrities and yes many of them are quite short. In this case, Ben is exactly as tall as I expected him to be. I’m not one to craze over celebrities but I really like Ben. My advice, if you see a celebrity in person that you really want to meet, then go for it. Just keep your composure.


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