NEW! LashBlast LUXE Shimmery Volumizing Mascara


Ladies, do I have some news for you!

You know how much I love CoverGirl LashBlast, right? (Lucky beauty director Jean Godfrey-June loves it too—she even told me so herself!)

This weekend, I had the opportunity to preview the new LashBlast LUXE Shimmery Volumizing Mascara version of the original LashBlast and it’s truly gorgeous. The colors are subtle and fun and the tube is hot pink!


I tried this in the following shades:

  • Black Cabernet (red)
  • Black Royale (blue)
  • Black Emerald (green)
  • Black Platinum (silver)


I had to swatch these on my hand because the shimmer is hard to see in photographs on my lashes.

Word on the street is LashBlast Luxe is already available in some Walmarts, Walgreens and Targets so you’ll have to check your local store.

This is definitely a mascara you’ll want to try.

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  • I just couldn’t get into LB. In the end it irritated my eyes so much, I had to throw it out. Voluminous does what I expected from LB and then some! I’m glad that so many women have found their HG in LB, though. :) !

  • I saw it last night in Target but I am not sure I would experiment with anything other then black right now. Can you imagine the massive pregnant lady walking down aisle 10 with red lashes!


    Kayla (Reply)
  • I’ve been trying loads of mascaras over the last 18 months or so, and “Lash Blast” has a permanent place in my train case. So, I want to try this NOW, if I can find it yet!

    My questions: Do the colors show up enough to emphasize your eyecolor? Are they intended for that (along with giving shimmer to your lashes?

    To Kayla, BTW: It’s just my opinion, but… wear the colored mascara! Life’s too short not to enjoy every little thing you can (especially during those uncomfortable last weeks)! Just blame the wild pregnancy hormones if anyone is too snooty & objects. (… congrats & best of luck, too!)

    Selkie (Reply)
  • I’m allergic to LB too, but if I wasn’t I would buy the red one. It sounds funny, but I remember I used to be such a fan of YSL burgundy mascara. It was really flattering on blondes!

    Lori (Reply)
  • Lori & Sarah, so weird that it irritates your eyes! That’s such a bummer.

    Kayla and Selkie– the shimmer color is so very subtle, you only notice it up close. And Kayla, I doubt you’re massive. Haha.

  • I already got the Emerald Shade. I’m going to try it on one eye and regular lash blast on the other just to see the difference. I want all 4!

    Jaime (Reply)
  • i want to try this too, and i’m getting to be pretty massively pregnant myself! this is my fourth baby, and i wear whatever is comfy and i want to! don’t worry about the haters! just make sure you’re comfortable and forget the rest.

    Ami M. (Reply)
  • oooh I want this!

    Crystal (Reply)
  • I have to agree with Ami! Congratulations on your FOURTH baby. There are only a few of us that are willing to take on that challenge! Haha!

  • I bought this and it dried my eyes out! bummer:( Aww well it seems like it might have the same ingredients as nars eyeshadows which also dries my eyes out. I can’t find a list of ingredients for either anyone have a clue?

    Bellaluella (Reply)
  • I love her look, like the way they did her eye makeup is gorgeous! I have all 4 shades in this mascara, I bought them at Wal-Mart last night lol. The green looks really cool and so far is wearing really good for me! I can’t wait to try the other colors.

    KaylaK (Reply)
  • Hi – I was wondering which shade would pop the best against my Green eyes – they have a ring of firey red brown around the center. Thanks!

    Aly R. (Reply)
  • I have a similar question to Aly R. – what color would make my blue grey eyes pop? I love the bottle – it’s gorg!

    Jessica (Reply)
  • Black Platinum is for brown eyes, Black Royale is for blue, Black Emerald is for green, and Black Cabernet is for hazel. I absolutely LOVE this mascara! It makes my eyes look so blue (Black Royale) plus it lengthens, separates, and volumizes. The shimmers are gorgeous – not tacky at all and just enough to give you a sparkle in your eyes. It’s the ultimate mascara and 10x better than the original Lash Blast.

  • i can’t wait to try it…but does it come in waterproof?..that would be awesome

    Stephanie (Reply)
  • You know I love the idea of this, but is it not pretty much the same thing as CG’s Eyelights mascara only with a LB brush? And my biggest complaint with both this mascara and Eyelights is that both have these unique shades to enhance each eye color except for brown eyes. I’m sorry, but of all the colors out there the best they could come up with to enhance brown eyes is just add some shimmer to regular old black mascara?

    kirsten (Reply)
  • WOW I love this masscara it is my so called favort but stupied me I bought the red one for my BLUE eyes !!!!!!!!!!gosh that waz stupied but frankly I looks relly good on me you can’t relly see the colors far but close up you mabey see it but not relly but I love it alot and here are a few tips for this masscara
    tip #1 :
    wiggel the brush up and down while you put the masscara on AT THE SAME TIME or this won’t work , this septates the lashes and Thera no clumps
    tip #2 :
    close you eyes put the wand ON TOP of the lashes this will make shure their are no clumps !!
    if you curl you lashes make shure that they are dry befor you curl them and this is sutch a great tip use your hair drier to warm up your eye lash curler but make shure it’s not that hot keep it on the hot air on it for 4to5 sec. Leve the eye lash curler on you eyelashes for 20 sec.
    Their is tips for perfect eye lashes have fun o and due all the crazest things in life ,life is to short to do all the boring things have fun!!!:-)

    Olivia (Reply)
  • Trust me.., this mascara is the best 7$ I ever spent!! I bought it in black Cabernet , not knowing that it wasn’t black ! I thought I would be really disappointed in it but it turned out to be the best mascara I’ve ever had. Black Cabernet swatched looks red … But in actuallity it has a gold tint to it… It’s truly beautiful !! It’s perfect for daytime wear, since it’s not an overpowering black color… And it’s also great for night time, since it brings out a little bit of shimmer in your eyes. Overall amazing!!!! 5/5.

    Tiana (Reply)
  • I never use mascara, but this did work for me on my wedding day. It made my already long lashes a tad bit longer and the Black Cabernet shade worked well for my hazel eyes. I’m not sure how it goes on so red on the lady’s hand, but it sure doesn’t look red on my lashes.

    Tara (Reply)
  • Don’t try it try it…I bought the waterproof?..It itches and makes my eyes red and watery!How do I get a refund?

    caley (Reply)
  • You know what I want BLACK WITH PURPLE SHIMMER pretty please? Purple looks amazing on my greenish/hazel eyes, really bringing out the green. I am sure others will find this works wonders!

    Siobhan (Reply)

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