Lustrous Lashes, Here I Come

My lashes were full and gorgeous only once in my life: During a three month period last year while I used Jan Marini’s Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner.

Sadly, the product was pulled from the marked and reformulated due to FDA regulations before I could get a backup tube (or ten). I did try the new formula but it just wasn’t the same.

However, I just did a few fist-pumping YES! Yes! Yes!-es after reading this article on the Allure Blog (thanks Jessica).

Yay for Allergan! Yay for Latisse!

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  • I read another article that said that Latisse is pretty much Lumigan, a Glaucoma medicine. What I do know about Lumigan is that my dad used to take it for his Glaucoma and it gave him these really dark, raccoon-like circles under his eyes, and he didn’t even know it was from the Lumigan. When he found out that it was a side effect from the medication, he had to go on something else. The circles have since disappeared, but I think I’d rather have shorter lashes than ugly dark circles! :)

    claudia (Reply)
  • Wow Claudia, that’s good to know! You’re right, I’d take stumpy lashes over dark circles any day!

  • Jan Marini was using the same ingredient without publicizing exactly what ingredient she was using and what sort of side effects users could experience, and everyone was fine with it. So why is it that now, a responsible pharmaceutical company who puts in the time and effort to get an FDA approval, and lists all possible side effects, people are hesitating? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

  • Hi Gloria, if the Latisse gave me dark circles, I would stop using it, but just hearing about others’ side effects is definitely not stopping me from trying it!! I loved the original Jan Marini and if this is basically the same product, I’m going to be one happy girl. (With gorg lashes. lol)

  • I hear that another side effect is that the iris of your eyes may become permanently darkened. Those with very dark brown eyes have nothing to fear, but those who like their baby blues, greys, greens or even light brown eyes might have to get used to a darker color.

    Winnie (Reply)
  • Latisse is expensive – $120 for one month’s RX – and yes, you need a prescription:

    I have long, thick lashes as the result of another glaucoma drug, Xalatan (latanoprost). Honestly, I would rather not have glaucoma. If you don’t wash hands and upper and lower eyelids, the hair can grow there, too.

  • there are several products out there on the market that do the same thing as Jan Marini’s lash conditioner/builder.
    I have been testing several of them including high end to low end– good ones to “ok” products to “fuggedaboutit” items.
    It’s an interesting — and growing– segment where you can find good and affordable products.
    I will tell you I now have great lashes too.


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