How to Look Like Jennifer Lopez


So it might be impossible for me to have a rear end like Jennifer Lopez’s, but I can sure try to recreate her makeup look from the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards this week.

Makeup artist Christopher Drummond gives us step-by-step tips on how to create Jennifer’s look at home:

Golden Globe Looks

Here are my tips for getting the beautiful look Jennifer Lopez had at the recent Golden Globes. The look was very natural, yet dramatic at the same time.

The focus was on her flawless skin, which made the look.

1. It is important that your face is exfoliated, cleansed and moisturized. You will not be able to get this look with dry patches of skin on your face!!!
2. Conceal with an all natural concealer, like ours. Use it only where needed. Do not cover the whole face with concealer. Focus on under eyes and the inner corner of the eyes, especially.
3. Apply Foundation. By using a powder foundation, like Veludo Velvet Foundation, you will have an incredibly natural look with luminescence. It will also stay for extended amounts of time. Apply the foundation in layers, not all at once. Focus on areas that need it most.
4. Apply Saúde Pele Radiance Booster. It will give your skin the “glow” Jennifer has without adding weight to the look.
5. Top the facial look off with a finishing powder, like Finale Finishing Powder. It will absorb oil, and set the makeup.

There are three main colors used: Beige, Gold and Brown.
1. Apply a good eye shadow base to maintain color, and give more staying power to the shadows.
2. Apply beige eyeshadow all over the eye. Add two or three layers to be sure it has staying power.
3. Apply gold on the bottom half of the eye.
4. Next, for the dramatic part, use brown in the crease of the eye, and blend it up and out. Blending is the key for this look. You can never blend eyeshadow too much!!!

1. Apply concealer all over the lips and above the lip line.
2. Line with a nude liner.
3. Use a beige color and on top of it, add a slight pink lip gloss.
4. Add at least three layers of mascara, to have full, thick lashes.

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  • The key to flawless skin (besides genetics of course) is definitely adding in layers. I’ve found that really works the best. It does seem like this is too much for non-celebrity to wear your skin needs to breathe a little. It looks really pretty on her though.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Hi Jaime, If I could look like this for just a few hours, I’d totally put up with the layers and layers of makeup. Ha!

  • Thanks for the mention in your blog…I hope the tips were helpful!!


  • She always looks the same to me. Same hair and makeup.

    Rebecca (Reply)
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