Got Milk?


The first celebrity I spotted at Sundance today was supermodel Christie Brinkley. She’s here to unveil her new Got Milk? ad.

Christie stopped in to the L’Oreal Paris/Entertainment Weekly Loft for an interview with Extra wearing leggings (seriously girls, even when I was 18 my ass never looked as good as Christie Brinkley’s does now at age 54) and a little ski jacket with her long blonde hair loose and flowy.

I hope I run into her again before the weekend is over. I’d love to hear about her skincare regimen!


  • Is she not the most gorgeous thing? She is such a natural beauty. I would love to know her skincare routine – hunt her down and get the details, Erika!

  • OMG Teri. You should see her in person. Pictures do not do her justice! So unfair!

  • Beautiful……

  • Wow, she looks amazing!

  • She is absolutely beautiful.

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • Wow! The longest running milk campaign in history!!!!

  • She looks so amazing for 54. I don’t think I could ever look this good.

    Jaime (Reply)

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