Golden Globes Red Carpet Watch: Salma Hayek


“Salma’s makeup look was directly inspired by her dress,” said NARS Makeup Artist Matthew Vanleeuwen. “She chose a very neutral colored dress and wanted to make sure her makeup look would pop. I made her eyes the focus and added a lot of rich, jewel skin tones and fresh color to her cheeks and lips. Her look was very classic and chic, with some modern textures.”

Below is Matthew’s step-by-step to recreate Salma’s look:


· Apply the China Blue Single Eyeshadow to top and bottom lash line [Matthew’s tip: “I love using navy colors because they make the whites of the eyes pop.”

· Next, use the Corfu Cream Eyeshadow as a base, all over eyelid

· Use the golden champagne side of the Alhambra Duo Eyeshadow on lid

· Then, use the Bengali Single Eyeshadow all along the lash line, rubbing it into the lash line, deepening the outer corner of the eye, creating shading

· Curl the eyelashes and apply 2 coats of Black Orchid Mascara on lashes

· Go back over top lash line with the Night Clubbing Eyeshadow and use what is left on the brush under the eye to define it [Matthew’s tip:”This shade is perfect to create a smokey eye – it gives a rich sparkle at the lash line with undertones of green and gold.”]


· Use the Brightening Serum to make skin glow and apply the Makeup Primer

· Apply the Firming Foundation and set with the Loose Powder


· Use the Marnie Lipliner Pencil and Tutti Fruity Lipstick

· Next, mix the Boogie Nights and Greek Holiday Lipglosses and apply them over the lipstick


· Apply the Desire Blush to the apple of cheeks [Matthew’s tip: “I use a powder brush to apply blush. I find that a bigger brush makes a much softer wash of color.”]

· Next, use the Laguna Bronzer with short, back and forth stokes from the back of cheekbone forward, to blend

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  • I’ve been hearing that most celebs on the redcarpet are using airbrush makeup, specifically by a company called dinair. I’ve done a little reseach and found makeup artist that use dinair and they love it and say it’s even easy to airbrush yourself, wow!! let me know if anyone has tried it.


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