Fashion Flair: The Hills vs The City


When asked if I like fashion, the reply is always, “as much as I like living, breathing and sleeping.”

With that in mind, I am drawn to anything that has to do with the fashion industry, which is why I watched The Hills. For the first two seasons it was like watching my own dream in a little box with Lauren and Whitney having Teen Vogue internships. As the seasons continued the infamous “Lauren-Heidi situation” overpowered all the interesting, fashion-y parts. I still continued to watch for the small, suffocated fashion scenes when Whitney and Lauren were shown working at People’s Revolution but, frankly, it was boring.

I was so relieved when The City wasted no time jumping into a life of fashion. Whitney arrived during New York Fashion Week, the most exciting event in the industry, works for DVF and gets to attend amazing events like the Manolo Blahnik benefit.

Did anyone notice during the Manolo scene the camera panned over Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous way-better-than-a-ring shoes that Big proposed to her with?!

Now those are “something blue.”

So what side are you on: Team Hills or Team City?

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  • thank youu! i thought i was the only one that was bored with the hills

    so the city is actually worth watching, is it? alrighty then bree, i’m checking it out :]

    vanessa (Reply)
  • Team City over here.

  • Team city definatly!

    Maddie (Reply)
  • I’m an assistant buyer in New York and this is not how I live. FAKE show. I think the fashion on the show is abysmal but I do prefer Lauren Conrad’s personal style (not her line) over the new girl.

    Lisa (Reply)
  • Great post! love your blog

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