Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 20


New Mineral Makeup from Elizabeth Arden comes in a portable grinder compact. It releases a fresh layer of microlight makeup for each application, allowing you to achieve a look of pure perfection that’s skin brightening, non-drying, and comfortable to wear every time. No waste. No mess. No kidding.

Available in 9 complementary shades.

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 20 is available online at ElizabethArden.com.


  • Hi! This is the same compact that Smashbox is using for their Halo brand and although I haven’t used the EA, the SB Halo is absolutley amazing! It is not mineral, but the finish is so beautiful!

    Chris (Reply)
  • HI Chris! I noticed that the compacts were the same, too. The Smashbox one is more expensive, but it comes with a brush…

  • If you want to try the SB version (I think this is the best foundation ever!) I would invest in the one with good briush from QVC. Nordi and Sephora carry one with a little kabuki, but I”‘ve had that brish and it’s not the same! SB full size brushes really are worth the $$$! (Especially when they come in a kit!)

    Chris (Reply)

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