Daily Style: J Crew Magic Wallet


A few months ago I was shopping in J. Crew and my 6-year-old, Janey, was having a little meltdown.

She insisted I buy her this leather magic wallet for $29.50 and I said she didn’t need it. As I continued browsing the cashmere cardigans, the Janey-nagging continued and I maintained my NO’s. This back and forth went on until Janey finally ended up on the floor, rolling around, sobbing, causing the biggest scene our local J. Crew had ever seen. At this point, I did what I always do when my kids push me to the limit: I gave in. (Go ahead, judge me.)

Janey was happy the entire 30 minute car ride home, telling me how much she loves me and how I’m the best mommy ever. When we pulled in to our garage, Janey skipped in the house forgetting all about the magic wallet she left in the car. Typical.

Now the magic wallet is mine and I love it. It “magically” opens from either side and the slim size is perfect for a clutch or (in my case) a bag that’s so stuffed with things like lipgloss, cameras, notepads, etc… there isn’t much room for a big wallet.

Available in several colors (Janey’s mine is pink) on Jcrew.com for $29.50.

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  • Glad to hear that you got a nice J.Crew wallet out of the whole thing. Has your daughter asked for it back yet? :)

  • Ha! That’s funny. I just got a new wallet too a Hobo international and I’m in love with it.


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