Bigger is Always Better

Bigger is always better in my book. Whether its paychecks or houses or diamonds or sunglasses I always prefer grandeur. My latest–and largest–obsession: Eyelashes.


I wore these over-the-top lashes to my birthday dinner last Saturday night (that’s right—I kissed sweet sixteen good-bye. She’s so last year.). Besides batting these bad boys at the Chace-Crawford-hot waiter, the most entertaining part of the evening? All the attention my new accessories were receiving…even if some of these stares did shout out, “What a freak!”

Did these stares faze me? I didn’t even bat a lash. I guess some people can’t handle fabulous.


Here’s what I used to create this look:

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  • Frankly, if you love them, then go on, rock the falsies! I think you look adorable. You really only are young once, so take advantage of it. :)

    I’m 24, and I love wearing fake lashes(though I usually stick to black ones, I love the retro-glam look) and red lipstick when I go out. Yeah, I might stand out among the indie kids in jeans and tees but I feel fabulous in my frocks and back-seamed stockings and that’s all that counts. Fashion is strongly individual, and as long as you’re not being inappropriate (like sporting a miniskirt at a funeral), then who cares?

    And the early years teacher in me is really resisting the urge to talk about respect and kind words.

    Abbey (Reply)
  • Also, Katie, I love your self-confidence! It’s something that our culture really seems determine to take away from women, and it’s wonderful to see someone so confident in herself and her style.

    Abbey (Reply)
  • Looking hot hot hot!!!

  • It takes a good sense of self to rock those lashes and you look fabulous! Happy Belated and keep up the great work.

    Auntie (Reply)
  • Ever cute! My birthday is tomorrow… I might just have to wear the bright red lipstick I bought for the xmas holidays and was then too scaredy-cat to wear!

    beeks (Reply)
  • I LOVE those!!

    Maddie (Reply)
  • You rock those lases girl! You are only young once and oh, to have that confidence at any age, let alone 17-Happy Birthday Baby!

    Chris (Reply)
  • i honestly love the lashes you were sporting. i have looked at that particular pair numerous times at sephora but have never purchased them.

    marci (Reply)

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