Beauty Blog Spotlight: Makeup for Life


There are so many great beauty blogs on the internet today, it’s hard to keep up with all of them. Because I’m part Asian, I’m especially drawn to blogs that focus on Asian beauty like Makeup For Life, a two year old beauty blog written by Phyllis Li.

I sat down with Phyllis and got the scoop on why her blog is so successful and what her plans are for the future.

Makeup Bag: When did you start Makeup For Life and what inspired you to start it?

Phyllis: I started Makeup For Life back in 2006 because as an Asian living in the US, I find it hard to relate to the Caucasian/African-American features that we see in magazines and on TV. I also thought the blog would be a great way for me to share what I know and learn from other people who share the same passion.

Makeup Bag: Your makeup skills are incredible. Are you a professional makeup artist?

Phyllis: Aww thanks. Like most of my readers, I am a self-taught beauty addict who loves makeup. Getting professional training helps but a lot of great makeup artists like Pat McGrath never went to beauty school and that did not stop them from succeeding. It is all about practice and being creative.

Makeup Bag: You seem to have lived in every country! Tell me about some of your travels and places you’ve lived.

Phyllis: Yeah thanks to my parents, I have been traveling ever since I was a toddler. I have lived in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London, Chicago and visited over 20 countries. I am planning on going to Egypt next.

Makeup Bag: Keeping up with a beauty blog is much harder than it seems. How many hours a day do you devote to Makeup for Life?

Phyllis: Tell me about it! *lol* Like the fashion industry, things come and go in the beauty industry, which is why I try to devote at least two hours a day on the blog so I can keep my readers updated.

Makeup Bag: You seem to have insider scoop on all the brands. How do you stay in the know when there are hundreds of brands to keep up with?

Phyllis: It is hard but having lived in different places, knowing people from all over the world and speaking 3 languages definitely helps.

Makeup Bag: How do you organize your makeup?

Phyllis: I keep my makeup in those 3-drawer organizers you can find from Target and I organize everything according to color.

Makeup Bag: What are some of your favorite products from 2008?

Phyllis: I really liked NARS’ Multiple Duos (they create such a nice glow to the skin!), MAC’s Penultimate Liner, Rimmel’s Glam’Eyes mascara and needless to say, the BB creams that I raved about.

Makeup Bag: What can we expect from Makeup for Life next? Maybe videos??

Phyllis: An expanded blog with more content and hopefully a video section soon.

Makeup Bag: Any exciting plans for spring?

Phyllis: I’ll be heading back to LA for a makeup show in March. Hope to see you there!

Thank you Phyllis!

Be sure to visit Phyllis at Makeup For Life for her creative daily makeup looks and insightful product reviews.

photo: Makeup For Life

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  • Wow, that’s a lot of MAC!

    I love Makeup for Life too — Asian/Eurasians really are a different market.

  • Love the pic! I’ve been faithfully following Makeup for Life for almost a year.

  • Will take a look.

    I just noticed you have a new “top” (header) – niiice!

  • Phyllis!! I love her blog and she’s SUCH a sweet girl.

  • Hi Soos– My hubby created that for me while he was home this week! He made me new business cards, too! (Now if only he would come home more often, lol!)

    Marsadie— she really is sweet, isn’t she?! And look at her skin! I’d die for skin like hers :) Hope you’re well!!

    Toma & Susanna— I love the picture too! Phyllis is adorable…

  • What an awesome picture of Phyllis! I love it! Great spotlight Erika!

  • I love your website! So much helpful information about makeup. Let me know if you’d like some mention on my site.


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