NEW Chanel Sublimage Texture Universelle Cream

I haven’t been shy about professing my love for Chanel Sublimage here on this website (see my reviews here, here and here), so you can imagine how delighted I am that a baby sister has been born.

A lighter version of the original Sublimage Essential Regeneraging Cream (now called Texture Supreme Essential Regenerating Cream) is debuting next month and it’s every bit as good as the original. Sublimage Texture Universelle Essential Regenerating Cream has a silky texture and lightweight formula that is a nice balance to the richer, creamier Texture Supreme.

I got my hands on a sample and have been using it for the last two weeks and love how it absorbs quickly yet leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day. If only it had SPF, this would be perfect in every way.

Chanel Sublimage Texture Universelle Essential Regenerating Cream is available beginning January 2009 at department and specialty stores and online at

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  • Chanel’s Sublimage Texture Universelle Essential Regenerating cream has Vanilla plant extracts as its key ingredient. I have read that Vanilla oil is known to be an effective preservative and lends fragrance to the formulation. This Vanilla extract from Madagascar is not known to be a wrinkle-fighting agent.What is your opinion?

    myskin (Reply)

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