Merry Christmas!



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  • Oh, my! So much energy from Beyon/Janey! A VERY young Single Lady! Happy Holidays to all of you…

  • This is absolutely precious!! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    IvyTrini (Reply)
  • What a superstar:) Beautiful:)

  • Wow.. She’s quite the dancer isn’t she? LOL. Lovely.

    And you have a husky!!! =D

    Merry Christmas, Erika!

  • Syen- My husky is almost 5 years old and such a pain in the butt! Ha. When gets loose (about once a week he sneaks out the front door–usually when the kids’ friends are coming and going) we can never catch him. It’s such a nightmare. He runs and runs and runs and runs and when he feels like coming home (about 6 hours later), he’ll lay out on the front lawn. Aside from that one shortcoming, he’s the sweetest dog ever!

  • Go Janey! Thanks for sharing this, it made me smile! Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday.

    Lori (Reply)
  • Just when I thought it couldn’t get better than the Dame Edna review. Move over, Beyonce…here comes Janey Fierce!

  • I love how the husky is totally oblivious. My dog would definitely stop and stare!

  • Like the other boys in the house, Jack (our husky) is used to the girl antics that happen around him ALL DAY LONG. He just looks at them and rolls his eyes.

  • hahahaha! OMG! can I babysit her lol. I love how the dog just walked like it ain’t nothin’ lol.


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