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One of my favorite beauty bloggers is Julia from All About the Pretty.

Not only is she a great friend, she has amazing (and by amazing, I mean AMAZING!) skin and is the ultimate beauty product consumer. If she finds something she likes, she’ll buy ten just to keep around the house “in case.” She also has her own personal beauty shopper—Juanita at Neiman Marcus in Houston—who sends over random luxury products just because she knows Julia will love them.

I can’t tell you the number of emails I’ve received asking for tips on how to get Julia’s glowing skin. (Almost as many as requesting MORE JANEY VIDEOS.)

I finally told Julia over one of our many phone conversations that she MUST write down her beauty secrets and share them with Makeup Bag readers. Here’s how our interview went:

Erika: I can’t believe it’s only been 15 months since we met. I feel like I’ve known you since 1984! I’ve heard the “Wednesday night ritual” story several times, but you must tell the Makeup Bag readers what you go through each week to keep your skin soft and looking fab.

Julia: There’s actual a Sunday and a Wednesday night ritual. I have been doing both of these over 10 years so it’s so easy for me to do. The Sunday night ritual is an exfoliation. I mix raw oatmeal, brown sugar, and olive oil in a big bowl. I head into the bathroom and place a plastic trash bag on the flower. I proceed to exfoliate my entire body. The remnants of my concoction fall on the trash bag. I then get in the shower and my skin is super soft.

The Wednesday night ritual is a full body masque. Head to toe. I only use Borghese. It’s made for your entire body. I slather this stuff on my head, face, and body. I leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Then I head into the shower.

If I’m traveling I can’t do it, but I still carry exfoliation products and masque with me wherever I am. Usually my sweetie is watching sports on Sundays so it’s easy. On Wednesdays he plays tennis so I’m okay. If he is there I lock myself in the bathroom. It must be done.

Erika: Haha. What a good sport he is! You once told me that glycolic peels are not right for your skin. Please explain. Also, how do you exfoliate the skin on your face if not with acids?

Julia: I feel that glycolic is so harsh and it starts to burn after awhile. I can use it in very small doses. I exfoliate with Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate (which I will never ever let out of my bathroom.) Liz Earle also makes a wonderful exfoliant. The key is super small granules.

Erika: As beauty editors, we are constantly applying different products to our skin. What is your go-to product that you always seem to go back to?

Julia: My go to product is Bobbi Brown’s Enriched Face Base. I can slather it on my face and hands while flying and I always leave the plane looking fresh.

Erika: What have been your favorite releases this year?

Julia: Prescriptives Custom Blended Bronzer is my favorite. It was mixed so well that every time I put it on I’m happy. I wear it everyday.
Bobbi’s Individual Metallic Eye shadows. I have about 10 of the colors and I can always toss one in my bag if I want to wear it that night.
Redken’s Real Control hair care line. It really moisturizes dry hair.
CHANEL’s Beige Fragrance. (A gift from my sweetie).
Pureology’s ScalpCure. Literally my dry scalp is gone.
The amount of products made with organic ingredients. I think that is so awesome.
Being featured as a top beauty blogger in WWD.

Erika: Being featured in WWD was one of the highlights of my year as well! How long does it take you to get ready for work and what’s your morning skincare ritual like?

Julia: I’m very quick in the mornings. It takes an hour for showering, hair, makeup, and a little breakfast. I put all my clothes out on Sunday night for the week. I don’t dress for mood. I have a work wardrobe and my personal life wardrobe. Some of the pieces mix, but not much. I’m a legal assistant and wear mostly black with color and accessories thrown in. I love jewelry so that’s my pop on most days.

My morning ritual is get out of bed, do 5 full sun salutations on each side. I then brush my teeth and hit the shower. Next, it’s cleanse my face with a creamy cleanser, serum, then face cream. It’s so cold here that I only use a gentle toner at night. Next it’s hair which doesn’t take me long because I usually roller set it or wear a bun. Makeup is very pretty and easy. I mix tinted moisturizer with a luminizer and apply all over. Then I use a little concealer. I set that with my Prescriptives Custom Bronzer. I then add a little color to my eyes for pop. Next I use a matte blush in the contour of my cheek (just a little) then add a pop of color on the cheeks. I groom my brows, curl my lashes and add mascara. That’s it.

Erika: How long does it take you to get ready for bed and just how many products do you use at night? (My husband thinks I slather myself in 1,749 products before I get into bed! Ha.)

Julia: Are we including products I use for the bath :) Well I wear a different fragrance to bed every night. Usually it’s just one spritz and I walk into it. But for my skin. I use a cleanser, toner, eye cream, serum, moisturizer and a decollete cream. I look like a wet seal going to bed until it all evaporates. I spend 20 minutes reading while it all soaks in.

Erika: What didn’t I ask you that you think Makeup Bag readers should know?

Julia: I think once you organize yourself, applying skincare and makeup is really easy. I think women think “wow she does a lot” but I have been doing a vast majority since I was a little girl so it doesn’t feel like work to me. Mama Dear (my grandmother) taught me very early about taking care of your skin because you don’t get a second chance to do it.

I have great genetics, but also I really enjoy life. I practice yoga, eat well, travel, and enjoy life. That’s where the real beautiful is. Enjoying life. I definitely believe in pretty makeup always looks good on pretty skin.

Julia celebrated her 36th birthday last week and I made her a little video. I have no idea why the picture is so crappy—I uploaded it three different times and it’s still looking gross. Anyway, if you care to see our beauty blogging adventures over the last year and a half, here you go:

Happy Birthday, Julia!

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  • This is so sweet and adorable, I love it. That picture of her is just gorgeous. I hope one day I’ll get to see you two again. :)

  • BOTH of you ladies have a lovely glow that starts from the inside! That oatmeal exfoliant can’t hurt, either, but I live with 2 guys who already think I ‘m too “primpy”! Hippo birdie, Julia.

  • that was amazing!!! i love both of you

    merry christmas

  • That was a lot of fun to do. You took shot that I don’t even remember seeing in Paris. Thanks so much for this.

  • What a fantastic interview – thanks for bringing it to us. Julia’s skin is jaw-droppingly beautiful and I’m loving those beauty secrets/rituals. I agree, the Redken Real Control and PureOlogy ScalpCure are my top choices for haircare this year as well – both are excellent lines! Definitely going to have to try that oatmeal, brown sugar, olive oil exfoliation … xo

    Note to Self: add personal beauty shopper to wishlist for next year! ; )

  • love the interview! thanks Erika! and how sweet of you to put that video together. Julia is definitely one of a kind! hope to see you both again soon! :)

  • OMG that was a great interview and I LOVED the slideshow! I hadn’t seen the karaoke pic of Julia and I yet! Merry Christmas honey!

  • Wonderful interview! I love reading about the beauty routines of others! :)

  • What a great interview! Julia’s blog is one of my daily must reads and that photograph is fabulous!


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