Janey reviews MAC Dame Edna Collection

So, you all know that these Janey videos are purely gratuitous, right?

Please don’t think I actually want you to take beauty advice from a six year old. (Especially one wearing a blonde wig!)

This video is particularly funny around the one-minute mark where she tells you that DAME EDNA IS REALLY A BOY. Also, I need to have a talk with her about all that finger snapping. The child clearly thinks she runs the show.

The products from the MAC Dame Edna collection that Janey is wearing are:

  • Wisteria Eye Trio Includes Fineshine (L), Wisteria (V), Divine Night (V)
  • Lipglass in Hot Frost


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  • This is something I like to call… Adorable! Haha she’s SO cute!

  • omg super cute janey, opps hannah. her videos are so cute and funny

    tricia (Reply)
  • Oh my god that is so fricken hilarious!

  • Could she be any cuter????

    Lori (Reply)
  • Janey is the cutest. I don’t think anyone could have reviewed Dame Edna better. Oh…and don’t forget that you owe Janey 5 dollars. Cha-ching (snap, snap)!

  • Haha. For the record, the Tooth Fairy didn’t have any change—which is why the child got FIVE BUCKS for her measly tooth. Anyone else think this is outrageous, or is it just me?

  • I love these Janey videos! As far as losing teeth, I don’t remember getting any bills for them, but then again, it was over 2 decades ago and maybe tooth prices have been adjusted for inflation. :)

    claudia (Reply)
  • she is soooooooooo precious! i love how she dyed her hair “yellow”, not blond.

    laura (Reply)
  • Thanks for the good laugh. I want you to come back to Washington and help me color my hair yellow. You are adorable, we cant wait for the next review. Love you, Rachel

    Rachel (Reply)
  • I hope Janey can make it to Fashion Week! She is such a doll! Keep the Janey videos coming they are tooooo funny!

  • that is sooo adorable!!!!!

  • how adorable!!!! loves it!


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