Giorgio Armani Beauty Holiday Beauty Blitz at Barney’s NYC

Tim Quinn, Giorgio Armani Beauty Celebrity Makeup Artist, will be making a special appearance this holiday season at Barney’s NYC (660 Madison Avenue, at 60th) to debut Giorgio Armani Beauty’s holiday offerings.  Tim and his A-Team of Giorgio Armani Face Designers will be introducing customers to the Holiday Crystal Collection, which features Swarovski Crystal details, and offering tips on holiday looks that transition easily throughout the season’s events and soirees.

This limited-edition collection draws inspiration from the use of the exquisite stones featured in Giorgio Armani’s couture evening dresses – delicate details combined with rich fabrics creating a dazzling effect.  The star product, the jeweled Crystal Palette, is a double-level case that features four shimmering eye shadow shades on top – ranging from silver to gold – while the bottom holds an iridescent body powder in a versatile neutral shade.

If you’re in New York this weekend, stop by Barney’s NYC on Saturday, December 13th for a special consultation with Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Tim Quinn and the Giorgio Armani Beauty A-Team.

Appointments can be booked at the Giorgio Armani counter and are available from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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  • So pretty! I love the lips.

    HEIDI (Reply)
  • I have the palette and its worth the $98. I had my makeup done by Tim Quinn at an event once – thought he was very snobby. I’d rather have the local Armani MU artist anyday.

    Emily (Reply)
  • Really? I hate that– You’d think that makeup artists couldn’t afford to be snobby because they’re face to face with clients all day long. Oh well, guess it works for some people!

  • Yes, it was pretty bad. The local SA’s agreed when I told them why I was not interested in an appointment with him for a subsequent appearance.

    Emily (Reply)

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