CHANEL Moscow Collection Limited Edition Nail Colors

CHANEL Moscow Collection Limited Edition Nail Colors were first seen at the CHANEL Paris-Moscow show at the Ranelagh Theatre in Paris on December 3rd. This limited edition collection of nail lacquers was conceived of by Peter Philips, Global Creative Director for CHANEL Makeup.

“The Or de Russie nail colour we used on the models at the show comes from the new CHANEL Moscow Collection, composed of three shades that I specially created for the show,” states Peter Philips. “The base of these three shades is black, to which we added a different sparkle for each of the colours: red, gold and blue. The Feu de Russie shade is intense and reflects passion. Or de Russie has a slight gold patina and evokes richness, while Nuit de Russie blue is full of mystery. When you apply the shades, which are rather dark, the surprising element is that they capture light so well that they create a fireworks effect – the shades dazzle with an unbelievable sparkle.”

In this collection are three shades of nail polish:

  • Or de Russie (Black with gold shimmer)
  • Nuit de Russie (Black with blue shimmer)
  • Feu de Russie (Black with red shimmer)

The CHANEL Moscow Collection Limited Edition Nail Colors is available for a limited time in December 2008/January 2009 at CHANEL boutiques, CHANEL makeup studios and online at

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  • Can I use your press pics for my blog? I’ll credit your site of course!

  • These colors are so rich and pretty. I’m definitely lemming!

  • I got my free Essie polish in “Pama” today, thanks for the tip!

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • Katee- of course. Help yourself :)

  • Thanks!!

  • p.s. just called the store at south cost plaza in orange county and they are in stock. Going monday to get all three! I am crazed I tell you!!!!!

  • ooh i love this! i can’t seem to find them on their website though – any idea when they will be available for sale on line?

    ellen (Reply)
  • Ooooh, I’d really love all three! But they are $30 each…pretty expensive..

    Gretchen (Reply)
  • Ellen- they’re available on the Chanel site now!

  • Hi..i’m CheL..i like the hot !
    may i put the pics in my blog ? surely i will put your link there ♥


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