Teen Corner: My current faves

Teen Corner

Fall is in full swing and I thought it would be a great time to tell you about my current makeup favorites.

This year I’ve ditched my signature black eye liner for a look that requires less maintenance. (Okay, not completely ditched it, but I’m wearing substantially less!)  With all the homework I have this year (I had no clue junior year would be this hard!) and all the late nights studying, every extra minute of sleep is like a gift from heaven wrapped in a big silver bow.

I’ve found a few essential products that help make my morning routine quick and simple while allowing me to still look good when I walk out the door:

Soft Lips: This lip balm is so smooth and moisturizing—I can’t stop applying it. My favorite flavor is Vanilla but it also comes in Cherry, Strawberry and Raspberry. And now, for the holidays, there are two limited edition duos: Sugar Cookie & Cherry and Wintermint & Vanilla. Yum!

NARS Super Orgasm Blush: Every time there’s a dance or some other special occasion, my friends come to my house for a little TLC (and makeup!) from my mom. She uses NARS Orgasm blush on practically everyone and, amazingly, it looks incredible on every skin tone. I was so excited to see the new SUPER ORGASM—a pumped up, sparklier version of the original Orgasm. This blush is so gorgeous, just a little swirl on the apples of my cheeks and I’m suddenly fresh-faced and looking instantly pretty. Loves it.

Christina Aguilera Inspire: I’m drawn to pretty, floral scents like this one from Christina Aguilera. This sweet and feminine fragrance has top notes of mango, freesia and citrus, middle notes of tuberose and frangipani and base notes of orange, musk and sandalwood. I can’t get enough of it!

What are your favorites this season? I must know!!

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  • Hey Bree!( fellow teenager here lol!)

    Love the new post.

    Im currently loving,
    -clinique’s shadow quad in spicy ( great for brown smokey eyes!)
    – Funnily enough christina’s inspire perfume ( its smells so yummy!)
    – Mac’s Pink lemonade ( so pretty with benefit’s ” didn’t hear it from me lipgloss)

    I really want baby sparks dazzleglass and the new smokey christmas eye pallete from mac. I love black eyeliner! smudged in the corner for an everyday look! I hope you check out my blog!

  • Oh I remember my junior year. It was bad. I didn’t even bother with make up. Although if Orgasm was around, I might have tried to look less disheveled.

  • I am LOVING:
    1) lancome courbe virtuose mascara
    2) lavanila’s vanilla grapefruit (yum!!!)
    3) burt’s bee’s lip balm!
    4) merle norman blush (it’s a sort of glittery peach but i forgot what it’s called)

    i love your blog bree! keep up the great work!

  • Black eye liner rocks, but when I tightline and line my waterline with MAC fluidline (with carbon over it), it takes FOREVER to take off! What makeup remover to you use?

    Tracy (Reply)

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