Teen Corner: Audrina Patridge Makeup

Teen Corner

I think Audrina Patridge from the MTV reality show The Hills is so pretty. With or without makeup, she seems to just glow.

But something is off here in this picture of Audrina taken at an event in Los Angeles earlier this month. I can’t put my finger on why it’s bugging me so much, but this is not the Audrina that I know and love.

Could it be the black smokey eyes? The bright pink lips? The lack of a bikini? I’m just not sure.

Her makeup looks pretty—although a little overdone—but still pretty. What do you think? Why does this not look like Audrina?

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  • too much eyeshadow/eyelinder underneath the eye! least in this pic shes not doing the ceiling eyes lol!

  • Shadow under the eyes looks too smudgy. Unintentional smudgy. Plus I don’t like the lips with the cheeks. She usually looks great!

    Rachel H. (Reply)
  • she kinda looks like alicia keys in this picture.

  • Her eyes are actually open for once, and not halfway closed.

    Tiffany (Reply)
  • yep…her eyes are bright opened & noticed tt her blush shade is not what she usually wears tho…hmmmm

    listrikmu (Reply)
  • -orange blush
    -too much eye shadow
    -pink lips

    all together = not too fab for audrina.
    but i still <333 her!

  • it’s one of the only times she’s actually looked into the camera, not above it! that’s what’s different! the huge amount of white usually underneath her eyes makes them always look bigger, and the space between upper/lower lid look larger.

  • Umm…Because it is not Audrina?
    You can tell by her eyes and nose. It’s someone that looks like her, but it is not her.

    pretty_in_punk (Reply)
  • lol at pretty_in_punk, you’re BLIND!! its audrina patridge, theres no one look like her. Eyes, cheek, teeth, lip, nose are only Audrina. Audrina doesn’t look good in pale white, only look good in glow/tanned.

    ehhh (Reply)

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