Stephanie Johnson Bags 30% OFF

Stephanie Johnson is offering a special discount for Makeup Bag readers!

Get this: THIRTY PERCENT OFF! (That’s three freaking zero, people) How often do you see a promotion like this?

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  • PLEASE make a combination of the Tribeca Martha Ultimate brief case and Darlene Deluxe Brush Case. Keep the size and shape of Martha with Martha’s handles and clear removable pouches; and instead of a clear pocket on the opposite side, put brush holders and elastic bands for pencils and lipstick there (the cover?). Finally, line this in the same soft blue as the piping for a beautiful, classic, useful travel kit just for me. Love these two cases, but need the features put together. PLEASE!?! I’ve been searching all evening. E-mail me with your success and I’m your customer!

    Darlene Berry (Reply)

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