Seven Days of Holiday Looks: Day 2

Today is day two of my Seven Days of Holiday Looks series and JUST LOOK AT THIS PURPLE EYE SHADOW!

I tried to create a smoky eye with shades of purple and I have to say this look is more wearable than I imagined it to be. (My dentist was quite smitten and likely thought I dressed up just for him.)

Here’s the holiday makeup I used to create this look:

La Mer The Treatment Fluid Foundation SPF 15

My skin was looking extra red today (I’ve been testing retinoids) so I reached for my La Mer The Treatment Fluid Foundation SPF 15. My friend Annie from Blogdorf Goodman swears by this full-coverage foundation and so far, it hasn’t let me down. For creating an even, smooth canvas that lasts all day, this foundation is top dog. (P.S.–At $85 per bottle, it’s more cost-effective than you think. The bottle lasts forever as you only need the teensiest amount.) (P.P.S–as always, I mixed in a drop of my Prescriptives Custom Blend Tinted Moisturizer for near-perfect color.)

NARS Duo Eye Shadow in Jolie Poupee

With both vibrant violet (matte) and pearlescent purple (shimmery) this duo was all I needed to create my smoky purple eyes. I used the violet on my lid and the pearlescent purple along the bottom lashline. So simple! NARS eye shadows are easy to blend and have a high color payoff making them the best for smoky eyes. (I love the entire Nightlife Collection for this purpose but Night Clubbing (black with gold pearls) and Night Flight (black with cobalt blue pearls) are my faves.)

Prescriptives Winter Reflections All-Over Highlighter

Even though this Prescriptives Winter Reflections is a highlighter, my skin is light enough to use it as a blush. After applying to the apples of my cheeks with a brush, I tapped my finger onto one of the white pearls and lightly highlighted my cheekbones and nose. While hard to see in the photo, this creates a serious glow.

MAC Lipstick in Quiet Please

This sheer frosty beige lipstick gave my lips just enough color without taking away from the purple eyes. Quiet Please is from the Red She Said MAC Holiday Collection and is only available for a limited time.

CoverGirl LashBlast

Since it’s debut earlier this year, LashBlast remains one of my favorite mascaras (in the waterproof formula). Since the wand is huge, it’s tricky to keep the mascara from getting on your eye lids, but once you get the hang of it, it’s amazing.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 3 of Seven Days of Holiday Looks.

Miss Day 1? See it here:

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  • I love that you’re doing this – you have mad makeup skillz:)

    I fear bright colors but love NARS duos so very much. I think I might have to pick this one up – it’s so gorgeous. Thank you!

  • beautiful– as always! :)

  • thank you so much for posting this. love your blog!

    Adelaide (Reply)
  • O.M.G.

    You do NOT look like you are a mother of 2 teenage girls and 1 5 years old. You look like you are barely in your 20s with this get up!! If I were your dentist I’d probably thought you were fancying me. =P

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I might have to pick up that NARS duo because I love some serious purple as well.

  • Gorgeous!! And I 2nd O.M.G.’s comment when I say that you don’t look old enough to be the mother of 2 teenagers! I cannot see a single crease or wrinkle on your face. Amazing!

  • Your eyes and cheeks look so good, Erika!

  • You look great! I love both looks, this is such a great idea! Thank you!

  • Really pretty. I love the purple on you. Also your skin looks amazing.

    HEIDI (Reply)
  • Love, love, love your purple smokey eyes.You are as beautiful as ever! You have inspired me to test drive my purple shadows. I always play it safe by using the browns, and I’m with you and the lash blast. LOVE IT !

    Shannon (Reply)
  • WOW. You look so great here! Do you mind posting about your skincare routine? Because whatever you’re doing, it’s working wonderfully!

  • You look beautiful! I love the purple eyeshadow with the pale lip. It’s all sparkly, but soft and natural, too. This is my favorite look so far. I vote #2!

    beth (Reply)
  • I love this feature. I really want that Nars eyeshadow and now that I know how pretty it is on it’s a must have. It looks so pretty with your dark eyes and I know purple looks awesome on my blue-green eyes too. So versatile!

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Flawless…thanks so much for posting these.
    you know, I’ve never worn purple much;
    I love this season’s Nars eyeshadows though…
    and these two looks on you inspires me;
    simply beautiful…Keep up the great work!

    Michelle (Reply)

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