Diddy’s Grooming Habits—who knew?

So, I’m flipping through the new Allure (December 2008 issue with Scarlett Johansson on the cover) and I see an interview with Sean “Diddy” Combs where he talks about his, ahem, grooming habits. (A must-read. Page 72)

In addition to taking ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES to get ready (that would drive me insane), he expressed his gold standard for girlfriend grooming. Apparently, if you’re Diddy’s girl, you must wax your legs and bikini area (brazilian, no less) regularly and keep your nails and toes perfectly varnished. Oh, it might help to get your brows threaded as well—he likes a girl with a nicely threaded brow.

This made me laugh out loud because 1) while I certainly like my nails done (I carve out time every Sunday to give myself a manicure) I’m positive my husband would like me the same if I never painted my nails again. (Come to think of it, he might even like me more. Ha!) and 2) any guy who takes ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES to get himself ready is surely in need of a girl with nicely threaded brows.

I have to know, does your significant other have “standards” for you where personal grooming is concerned?

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  • No. Thank goodness! On the other hand, I’m happy when my husband agrees to wear shoes!

  • Soos– mine too! That’s local boys for ya :)

  • LOL… I’m surprised he doesn’t require his girlfriends to use baby wipes after leaving the loo (like Terrence Howard)!

  • I read that cracking up laughing.

  • The only “standard” I would say my boyfriend has is, he likes me to have waxed eyebrows. But he does have reason for this: because I have pretty eyes. Other than that, he actually prefers me to wear no makeup (how this is possible I have no idea).

  • well…you achieved the impossible; you pointed out something to make me like dumb diddy even more.

    laura (Reply)
  • any woman who can handle all that pain and maintenance has certainly earned the right to be called his girlfriend. i do hope that they have their own private bathrooms, otherwise it would take forever just to leave the house.

    marci (Reply)
  • HAHAHAHAHA! ~local boys!~

  • The only thing my husband is concerned with is if I have brushed my teeth. He would prefer I stop with the make up, hair product, etc… it would leave him more room in the bathroom.

    Cindy (Reply)
  • He doesn’t care at all, Thank God. I’m in desperate need of eyebrow tweezing and he can’t even tell. I barely have time to do anything this time of year.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • I’d like to know WHAT a MAN could possibly do for over an hour to groom? Especially when he doesn’t hair longer than 1/4 inch all over his head?? As a woman, this thought made me scream for some reason…Waaaaaa hhhhhaaaa hhaaaa tttt
    I’m dying of curiosity.

    Julie (Reply)

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