Darphin Illusion Lip Gloss

By far, this Darphin Lip Gloss in Illusion is my current fave. The formula is slick and hydrating with extracts of rosemary and soy. The opalescent shimmering pink shade is ultra flattering and slightly delicate, making me appear sweeter than I actually am.

The only problem? I keep “losing” it. The other girls in the house seem to like it just as much as I do, and keep borrowing it from my purse.

I need to find a secret hiding spot for this gem. As soon as I find it.

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  • Looks lovely and hideable!

    The Darphin Stimulskin Plus Eye Contour Cream is on my wish list. This is the ONLY eye cream I’ve sampled with such amazing results – you can see a difference right away!


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