Daily Style: Cupcake Courier

I love cupcakes.

No, really. LOVE cupcakes. Preferably vanilla, but chocolate will do if there’s nothing else.

These Cupcake Courier cupcake carriers (available at Target for $24.99) are the perfect solution for transporting dozens of cupcakes to school or other events.

Holds up to 36 cupcakes and features a translucent cover and airtight seal to ensure freshness.

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  • *Asks Santa for one.

  • I never knew there was such a receptacle. What a neat idea. It looks so classy too. I like that it not only carries the cupcakes, it is also pretty enough to be used as a display tray.

    They would be perfect for these:


    I love how exquisite these cupcakes look; too good to eat really! 😀


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