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Happy Halloween Makeup Bag friends!

We’ve been waiting for the day we could wear these lashes without
looking like a freak. (Although, we sadly scared many of the little
tick-or-treaters that came to our door.)
Hope your night was fun!

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  • that`s really quite scary for the kids

  • It might have scared a few kids but I think you look amazing! Fabulous job with the makeup. How was it wearing those lashes? I can’t do lashes, makes me blink too much. :)

  • LOVE the makeup. You look awesome!

  • Carla, the lashes were SOOO heavy. It was funny–I think my eyes were at half mast all night!

    I’m surprised the glue held them on!

  • Hi Erika!
    First of all, just wanted to let you know that I got my prize for the beauty blogger identity photo contest. Thank you sooo sooo much!

    Hope your halloween was awesome, you look great!

    Adina (Reply)
  • Terrible look; awful.

  • nice job! I went as a witch, complete with green makeup and scared adults and kids alike – and I wasn’t even wearing false lashes! :)

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