Thank your man…

Okay, this is the best e-card we’ve EVER seen:

Aveda Men has a clever offer where you send your man a “Thanks, Man” e-card and he’ll receive a FREE Aveda Men sample offer— along with a personalized message from you thanking him for all he does.

The best part of this e-card is where you get to choose your recipient (significant other, friend/co-worker, family member) and then select up to three reason why you’re thankful for him. Our favorites: For watching my favorite show instead, For putting up with my “mood swings” and For teaching me how to drive stick.

We already sent one off to our husband this morning. Say thanks to your man, too!

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  • Loved it. It’s a super great way to show your sweetie you care.

    Suzanne (Reply)
  • Aww. Well its me and my husband’s anniversary and he already bought me a pretty diamond necklace from and I’m thanking my man with football tickets. Good men are hard to find but I found man! Loved this post!

    MichelleB (Reply)
  • So cool! I just sent one to my hubby!


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