Teen Corner: Meet KATIE!

Teen Corner

Hello beautiful people!

Let me introduce you to my friend Katie:

Is she not the most adorable teenage fashionista you’ve EVER SEEN?

Katie and I have been friends since 6th grade (see proof below!) and she’s just as sweet as she is fashionable. And guess what? Katie will be contributing to Teen Corner! I’m so excited…

Please give my friend Katie a warm welcome and stay tuned for fun, fashion-filled updates!



So here’s Katie and me in SIXTH GRADE. That means we’re, like, TWELVE YEARS OLD, people!

And here we are again in 8th grade. Just so you know, we don’t normally walk around in camo-print trucker hats–we were in costume for a volleyball event (which hopefully explains my green eyeshadow!).

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  • welcome katie! I’m not a teen any more but I’m a fan of the teen corner here :) you guys are so cute and I enjoy all the articles here. Looking forward to new posts!

    kristen (Reply)
  • welcome, katie!! i look forward to your posts! :)

    claudia (Reply)

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