Teen Corner: Little Betsey Things

Teen Corner Fashion Update
By: Katie

Hello Fashion Frenzies!

Fall is here which wakes you up from the fun filled summer dream and drags you into the nightmare of school! However (sorry for the outburst!) I am actually looking forward to the leaves falling this year. For starters, I get to add a new fashion twist here at Makeup Bag (so stoked)! Also fall gives the sense of a clean slate and freshly raked leaf piles of epiphanies to jump into. Of course, being the fashion addict I am, all the light bulb thoughts consisted of none other than clothes, clothes and more clothes.

This season, I must admit I had a small case of stylist’s block. After a full two season of obsessing over shift dresses in spring and summer I was a bit lost of where to go for fall. That was soon cured however when I saw images of Betsey Johnson’s show at New York Fashion Week. Although the collection was for spring her whimsical style and little accessories sparked the leaves to fall for me. I absolutely lavish accessories because they add a new twist to any outfit. With fun accessories I get to discover new ways to wear my beloved dresses. Here’s my top choices of accessories and trends for this fall:

Tiers of Joy!-Betsey Johnson Spring Ready to Wear 2009 Collection.

I love how these super cute tiers of fabric are flirty and fun. Add tights and a big fluffy sweater and this outfit could work on a chilly afternoon.

Punk Rock Princess with leather or lamé leggings!

While these platform booties aren’t practical for school, I would rock this look with a slightly less dangerous pair like the ones below or a nice pair of sleek black riding boots.

Belt Bulk Up-layering belts-Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring Ready to Wear 2009 collection

No need to waste time pondering which belt to wear— pile them all on at once for added color and dimension.

Plum Purple is the new red hot and not only for shoes but to lace throughout the whole wardrobe.

These Steve Madden purple suede booties and embossed snakeskin pumps, along with a few pairs of thick, cozy tights, will give my sweet shift dresses a fresh look for fall.

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  • so cute!I love the purple suede ones!!

    Maddie (Reply)
  • Hey Katie! I really liked reading your fashion update, and I’m totally looking forward to hearing from you again.
    Meanwhile, I am liking those snakeskin pumps. Even though I’m not a fan of snakeskin patterns, I really like the silhouette and the gorgeous color (purple’s my all-time favorite color; good to hear it’s in this season).

    Purnella (Reply)
  • been reading teen corner for a while now! I really liked this new fashion segment! Lame/leather leggings are so awesome but i think, in fact i know will look awful on me LOL!


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