Stylista with Elle’s Anne Slowey

This weekend we’ve been holed up in the house with a wicked cold. We’re stuffed up, congested, feel achey all over and our voice is gone.

Thankfully we received a preview copy of the new CW reality show, Stylista, airing on Wednesday, October 22nd, because it’s been keeping us entertained all weekend. You’d laugh if you knew how many times we watched it. (Let’s just say Anne Slowey is our new BFF.)

So here’s our take on the show– if you love Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model, you’re going to love Stylista.

It’s hilarious to see the young attitudes (Megan & Devin) and to watch the editors walk in their skyscraper-high heels.

We’re curious to see just how far the statement “I think a lot of the most popular designers make truly hideous clothing” (Kate) will get you on this show. We’re thinking Joe Zee might not agree (in fact, he told Miss Kate to keep her cleavage under control at the office!)

Also it’s funny to see the special treatment Danielle (the largest intern of the bunch) gets from Joe Zee and Anne Slowey because of her size. It’s almost as if they’re afraid to criticize her because she’s overweight.

Cologne is the gorgeous blonde with the most AMAZING eyelashes. We actually met her backstage at Fashion Week this season where she was covering shows for our friend Nadine. She’s super sweet and even prettier in real life.

Johanna’s style is the one we’re most drawn to. Classic and clean with simple accessories. She’s definitely one to watch this season.

Overall, our pick is Ashlie. She’s super-savvy and stylish– and only 22 years old. She tells us her mom was a supermodel in the 70’s— we’re dying to know which one. Could it be Beverly Johnson? Grace Jones?

If anything, you need to watch this show for behind-the-scenes Elle magazine scoop. In addition to Anne Slowey, fashion news director, and Joe Zee, creative director, you’ll also see editors like Malina Joseph, fashion bookings editor, Brett Ramey, photo director and super-cute Kate Lamphear, senior fashion and style editor.

Meet the rest of the cast at and be sure to tune in to The CW this Wednesday, October 22nd for the Stylista preview!

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  • Fun! I’m so excited to see this. Johanna has quite the fan base in DC – she used to have a very popular blog called A Serious Job is No Excuse where she blogged about fashion and life. It was awesome – she is so sassy!

  • Yes! I’ve heard of that site. I was talking about it during Fashion Week with All About the Pretty and Glossy Pink (both DC bloggers)— I had no clue she was the writer behind it!
    You’re going to LOVE this show :)

  • Johanna all the way!!! She’s going to win it, Erika! :)

    Hope you feel better soon :)


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