Gossip Girl Makeup: Jessica Szohr

Last week’s Gossip Girl (my favorite escape from reality) was possibly the best episode I’ve seen yet.

Aside from the sick and twisted little games that Chuck and Blair play that are so very entertaining, the highlight of the night was Jessica Szohr, the gorgeous blue-eyed beauty that plays Vanessa.

Jessica’s overall look was impeccable but her makeup looked amazing. The smoky green eyes and wine colored lips offset her complexion perfectly. (Speaking of her complexion–Jessica’s flawless skin and exotic look can be attributed to her 1/2 Hungarian, 1/4 African American and 1/4 Caucasian nationality.)

To get this look, try:

This week, expect to see a little macky-macky between Nate and Jenny (how did I know this was going to happen!):

Don’t miss it tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

PS– Guess who makes a guest appearance next week?!


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  • man i LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE Blair’s style, i’d kill for that wardrobe (and figure)

  • man i thought she was afgan.

    sd;fk (Reply)
  • you know, hungarians ARE white.
    so she’s really just 3/4 caucasian (which is not a nationality by the way, it’s a race) or 3/4 hungarian, which ever you prefer.

    just letting you know…

  • Good point, mee! Thank you :)

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