For the obsessively obsessed

We love Bobbi Brown, we really do.

(See? It’s LOVE.)

Aside from that pesky lipgloss applicator brush (just do the sponge-tip already, Bobbi!) there isn’t a product we don’t like. Some of our all-time favorite Bobbi Brown products are:

And of course, all the new metallic eye shadows, the AMAZING makeup brushes, and pretty much every other item at the Bobbi Brown counter. (Don’t believe us? Check out our Bobbi Brown archive for proof)

Now that you’re feeling our love for Bobbi, feast your eyes on this:

Oh wait. Try this:

This Neiman Marcus Exclusive Deluxe Beauty Trunk is worth $2,000 and is filled with every imaginable Bobbi Brown product. A plethora of Bobbi Brown products.

Can you imagine?


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  • you’d think for that kind of scratch, they’d let you customize the foundation/concealer colors. Not everyone is “sand”-colored.

    gina (Reply)
  • LOL about the lipgloss applicators…i totally agree (but am still in love with Bobbi, too)! :)


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