Clarins Nail Colour: Prune Noir (06)

Had we known it would be so difficult to find this shade of purple-black nail polish that we painted on ourself while waiting for our friends at the Claris Spa in Paris, we would have bought four bottles.

We’re hoping this shade is available here in the US, because if it is not, we might have ourself a good cry.

It’s hard to see in this photo, but this creme color is really the deepest, darkest shade of purple and it’s SOO gorgeous.

If you’ve seen this shade in the US please let us know!

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  • last season i bought “lincoln park after dark” from OPI and with 2 shades it seems very similar to that picture! I love it and am still wearing it. It’s running out though so I hope they still have it :)

  • Erika try Essie’s new Fall Color in Groovy Grape it looks really close to this color.


  • This is a gorgeous color. I love it too!

    Jaime (Reply)
  • i live in canada and their stuff is widely available here. i can see if i can buy some for you if you want.

    laura (Reply)
  • I DIE!!!

    Is this color really that hard to find? Because it was amazing in Paris and it looked so great on you! I’m running to Sephora/Clarins counter here now!

  • Christine! Please tell me if you find it…

  • Laura– if you find it in Canada, just tell me where and I’ll see if I can order it online… Thanks for offering to get me some, though. I might take you up on that as a last resort (of course I’d pay you back :))

  • I work for clarins and I am 99% sure that that color is not being sold in the US. boooo.

    Tish (Reply)
  • Finger Paints has a color that looks almost identical. It’s called “Shades of Dark”. FP is available at Sally Beauty here in the US. Hope you find your shade, or at least a good dupe!

    Kate (Reply)
  • I’m a beauty advisor at Clarins and as far as I know, our nail polish is discontinued. At least that is what my regional manager told me around Thanksgiving. She had me throw out all the left over nail polish that we had at my counter. This makes me sad, because that is an awesome nail color. Essie had a pretty sweet selection though.


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