Teen Corner: Sleek Hair and looking forward to Gossip Girl

Teen Corner

Hi friends–it’s me, Bree!

Hope you had an amazing weekend. Sunday nights are always the worst because the WHOLE WEEK is looming ahead, UGH!

Although, the good news is: Gossip Girl is on in less than 24 hours. Yeeeee!

According to the previews, this one looks good.

Apparently it’s Fashion Week and Serena ends up walking the runway and rubbing shoulders with real-life socialite Tinsley Mortimer. (And yes, that’s Michael Kors you see there below.)

FUN! But what I really want to see is Chuck Bass get a haircut. Just a liiiiiiittttle trim—ever so slight, but just enough to keep from looking like an 8 year old with a comb-over. (Oh. And while I’m making requests, I wouldn’t mind seeing Nate take his shirt off again! Ahahahahha.)

[Note to editor Mom: I do not wish to “remove the pointless punctuation and sound effects.” Just so you know, Mother, every word and exclamation point are here for a reason. I’m EXPRESSIVE, okay?]

Watching Gossip Girl gives me serious hair-envy. Does every girl on that show not have ridiculously shiny, perfectly curled or sleek hair?

Most mornings, I’d rather sleep an extra 25 minutes (I’m a night-owl and mornings just aren’t my “thing”) than spend it straightening my hair. For this reason, I like to use products that are going to give me sleek, shiny hair without much effort.

Lately I’ve been liking Sunsilk Straighten-Up Shampoo and Conditioner.

This makes my hair soft and smooth, and it smells amazing. Even better, it’s totally affordable!

All I’ve been doing is running the straightening iron over my bangs and I’m looking hot twelve minutes after stepping out of the shower. How’s that for efficiency?

Talk soon!

Bree xoxo

Gossip Girl photos: CWTV.com

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  • 99% of the hair on gossip girl is extensions.

    jenni (Reply)
  • i think the additional punctuation & sound effects make the blog more interesting 😛

    belinda (Reply)

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