Pur Black

Have you seen the new must-have lip gloss for Fall 2008?

YSL Gloss Pur Black is the season’s darling, creating drama and intrigue with its transparent-yet-intense hue.

We’re totally into black nails but not so sure about black lips. You?

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  • Perfect for Halloween!

  • I totally agree, halloween only, i have dark brown hair, fair but with a slight tan and if i wore black lipgloss ill look like a goth!

    I love black nails, although i prefer OPI’s Russian navy, so beautiful and it looks great in summer too.

  • I wonder how it applies.

  • I have the gloss–it looks like dark dark grape/blackcurrant if worn alone. More wearable that you would think, but very dramatic.
    I would not have picked it for myself, but the MA tried it on me (it had just come in at Barney’s, literally, as I was standing there. He was desperate to try it on someone).
    I was hooked.

    looks great over red lipstick too.

    It has a similar effect to the black ‘transformer’ type lipsticks/glosses that were popular about 10 years ago (trish mcevoy/smashbox).


  • DJ – so this gloss is available at dept stores now? That’s brilliant!!

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