Our Date with Chuck Bass

Ed Westwick Chuck Bass Gossip Girl

Tuesday night we were invited to attend a red carpet event at Macy’s Herald Square with Tommy Hilfiger and Ed Westwick, the English hottie that plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl.

The event was to launch the new Hilfiger fragrance and to celebrate the partnership of Tommy Hilfiger and Macy’s.

Erika and Julia on the red carpet with Chuck Bass

Julia and I waited patiently thinking we’d have a chance to talk to "Chuck Bass" but he was busy posing and being chatted up by Macy’s execs. Of course, that didn’t stop us from admiring his ridiculously tight trousers and sly grin.

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Thanks to our friends at Ali Ro and Donna Morgan we all had something fabulous to wear to the event. Also, thank you to Alexa from Glossy Pink for the pics.

More on this event coming soon!

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  • We look hot!

  • No problem! That was definitely a fun night! :)

  • you alll look sooo fitt in your dresses ,
    jelous much ,
    i must say me and anna look better ,
    seee you soon
    love from

    Anett :)


    anettt (Reply)

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