Makeup Bag and Estee Lauder

The highlight of our trip to New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last week was undoubtedly our visit to The Salon at the Estée Lauder offices for a special reception for Beauty Bloggers.

(However, our manicure with Chanel’s Haute Chocolat was a very close second.)

While this wasn’t our first visit to The Salon, we were still awestruck by the amazing view of the city and the gorgeous furnishings hand-selected for the room by Mrs. Estée Lauder.

We were also treated to a special tour of the beauty-industry icon’s personal office, where our eyes feasted on her collection of compacts and personal photos.

Erika at Estee Lauder's desk

Estee Lauder personal photos

We also had a special moment with Leonard Lauder, Estée’s son and father of William Lauder, the current Chief Executive Officer of the Estée Lauder Companies.

Erika and Leonard Lauder

Leonard Lauder (above) and William Lauder (below) with Erika Valente.

Erika and William Lauder

William Lauder spoke to the group about the Breast Cancer Research Fund, founded by his mother Evelyn Lauder and how the Estée Lauder Companies support the cause with their collection of pink products every October.

We will be featuring these products here at Makeup Bag every day next month and hope you’ll stop by to support the efforts of the Estée Lauder Companies and the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

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