Gisele is the new face of Max Factor

Max Factor is turning 100 in 2009 and to celebrate they’ve signed on brazilian supermodel (and girlfriend of NFL hottie Tom Brady) Gisele Bündchen as their newest spokesperson.

“MAX Factor is a brand that has touched some of the most glamorous faces in the world for the last 100 years,” said Bündchen.  “But more than that, I love that this was the original brand to make that professional artistry and glamour available to everyday women, and I’m honored to work with MAX Factor in continuing that great tradition.”

Congrats, Gisele!

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  • I just read about this on another blog. I remember never being interested in their products, but recently I tried the 2000 calorie mascara and it’s wonderful!

  • whoops! sorry for the 2 posts – I didn’t see it post so I had to rewrite it! sorry!

  • Wow, 100 years, and a great choice! Too bad Gisele is married to such a jerk.

  • My husband and I were just looking at a photo of her and Tom Brady tonight, wondering if they just sit around all day and look at each other. I honestly wonder if there’s ever been a more beautiful couple. They seem like dingbats, but maybe that’s just me being catty :)

  • Could you please tell me where the dress that she is wearing is from on the natural minerals foundation advert?


    Sian (Reply)
  • yes, can someone please tell me where the dress she is wearing from the natural minerals foundation advert is from.

    Gail (Reply)
  • I would also like to know where the dress is from…please?

    Lisa (Reply)
  • Hi, could you tell me where that dress from the natural minerals advert is from.
    Thanks Lucy

    Lucy (Reply)

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