Chanel Holiday 2008

This holiday collection has been keeping us awake for the last two weeks.

Ever since we caught a glimpse of all its golden goodness in the Chanel Showroom during New York Fashion Week, we can’t stop thinking about how we’re going to wear this collection EVERY DAY FOR THE REMAINDER OF OUR LIFE.

Usually with a holiday collection, there’s one standout must-have item—but here, we have THREE.

We’ve already told you about Haute Chocolat LE VERNIS Nail Colour , a chocolate gold color that we’ll be wearing on our fingers and toes all season long.

And we gave you a little peek at the Beiges de Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow
whom we’re currently dating (and will most likely marry if our husband—and the law— allows it).

But what we haven’t showed you yet is the limited edition Poudre Précieuse Gold Highlighting Powder with Brush . This loose powder is light, sheer, and luxuriously luminous. Perfect for the face, arms, décolleté, even the tops of your feet—for softly shimmering skin that can’t be denied.

Also in the Chanel Holiday 2008 collection:

OMBRE DÉAU Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow

  • Source Pink Gold (repromote)
  • Riviera Pale Gold (limited edition)


  • Noir Scintillant Black with gold sparkle (limited edition)

LA LIGNE DE CHANEL Professional Eyeliner Duo

  • Brun-Lamé Dark brown/soft brown sparkle (limited edition)

ÉCLAT LUMIÈRE Highlighter Face Pen

  • Beige Rosé Pink undertone


  • Praline Rose Pink Bronze
  • Canalé Bronze


  • Rouge Red


  • Gold Shine Gold (limited edition)
  • Red Shine Red


  • Cancun Beige (limited edition)

ROUGE ALLURE Luminous Satin Lip Colour

  • Nude Nude
  • Ardent Rosewood
  • Exaltation Coral Red (limited edition)
  • Audace True Red

LE VERNIS Nail Color

  • Perle Roseé Beige Pink (limited edition)
  • Dazzling Red (re-promote)
  • Haute Chocolat (limited edition)

Admit it. You’re just as enamored as we are.

Chanel Holiday 2008 is available at department stores and specialty stores and online at beginning October 2008.

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  • Hi Erika,

    Wow- the Chanel Haute Chocolat LE VERNIS Nail Colour looks fab on you! I am DYING to get a bottle of it- it is my #1 Must-Have lemming for fall. It just looks like perfection. Do you have any idea when in October it will be available? I am going to stalk Nordstroms website until I see it. I want it yesterday!


    Sarah (Reply)
  • I am so loving the Chanel polish. All of the products look sooooo yummy. Also, it was so nice to see the ladies from the different blogs. That was a fantastic idea. I really feel like I am in the know.

  • Hi Erika,

    I’m in love with the shadow quad…..soo pretty :)

    Anna (Reply)
  • Oh my! I think I’m in love. Seriously I plan on getting the shadow quad, haute chocolat, liner duo, pencil liner, highlighting powder, and highlighter pen. I am crazy for this collection. Chanel has been bankrupting me since Peter Phillips has taken over. First with the fall collection, then with the Exceptionnel de Chanel/Smoky Eye products, and now this holiday collection, I just can’t seem to resist any of it.

    Kirsten (Reply)

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