Viktor & Rolf for Shu Uemura

Just in case you want to see THE MOST AMAZING false lashes ever :

(Not that we want to taunt you or anything.)

Someone send us a party invite stat—we are DYING to wear these babies.

See more from the Viktor & Rolf for Shu Uemura collection at .

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  • At the very least, you could dress up with brilliant eye make up and the lashes and post a picture – way too gorgeous not to test drive.

    Monica (Reply)
  • How fierce are these? I love them! :)

    Lily x

  • Wow! Those are some super funky fun lashes. I would definitely use them at a drag show.

  • oh.

    I want at least two pairs…not to wear but to hang on my wall!

    I’m jealous! Totally jealous!

    Drool dripping out of my mouth :P~~~~~~~~~~

    I’ve been thinking about and by chance do you need an extra kidney? a liver?

    I’ll trade for the lashes…whatta ya think….?



    Awesome haul!

    Enjoy 😉 I’m positive you’ll look glam in ’em!

  • I saw some at Urban Outfitters or some place like that – they were peacock feathers! Incredible. I’d love to see someone more talented than me paint a picture of a woman with these on her eyes.

  • WOWSA! Those are seriously miniature works of art. Love.

  • Oh. My. GOD! Amagad! Those are gooorgeous! You will look fantastic in them! (And don’t mind the Muse’s offer, you could get a fresh fine Swedish liver from me! *blinks*)

  • LOL Linn! She wants a good solid New York kidney! Forget the Swedish liver 😉

  • Musey I’ve fed that liver with Swedish meatballs its entire life span! It’s healthy and lovely! Wait…that sounds tempting… I might want to keep it! Maybe an arm or two instead? LOL!

  • woah, cool!
    saw a similar lens in a magazine and been trying to get my hands on one too, what is the name of the design?


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