Teen Vogue Cover: Vanessa Hudgens

Teen Corner

Vanessa Hudgens is on the September cover of Teen Vogue and I have just one thing to say: What is up with the librarian hair??

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  • yay! right on time for my bday, i love vanessa hudgens. but i do agree that the hair is despicable :)

  • Ugh, indeed and for someone who has hair as gorgeous as she does that is just a sin.

    Kirsten (Reply)
  • too bad about the hair…sometimes even the best mags don’t get it right.

  • i agree… idk what was going on there lol.

    Marie (Reply)
  • Her hair isn’t bothering me… in fact it’s a nice little look… My problem is that awful pink shirt/dress with the buttons – what is that!?


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