Teen Corner: Because sexy smooth legs are a MUST

Teen Corner

Venus Embrace

Every girl wants sexy, smooth legs. Especially in the summer when the wardrobe staple is short-shorts and bikinis. (At least, that’s the wardrobe staple here in Hawaii!)

The Venus Embrace five blade razor with moisture ribbon is the hottest razor in town. I’m madly in love.

The shave is so smooth and I think the moisture ribbon really works—my legs are left feeling so soft, and I don’t even need to moisturize. (Have you ever put on lotion when it’s sticky hot and humid outside? Let’s just say slimy legs are not my favorite.)

The razor head is bigger than others so it takes a little extra time maneuvering around the ankles and knees, but to get the close shave it’s so worth it.

If you haven’t yet tried the Venus Embrace , check it out at your local drugstore. And tell me what you think!

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  • I love the Venus Embrace! One of the best razors ever! Only problem I have with it is the shower holder it comes with. Mine broke on the first day so it doesn’t close!

    Ashley (Reply)

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