Makeup Bag Shapes Up: Week OHCRAP!

So this shaping up thing is just not working out. I mean really, how many weeks do I need to continue posting my failures here before I figure out I need to STEP IT UP.

Jeeeeeez, woman. Get with it.

I can’t even step on my scale today because I’m totally PMSing and feeling fatter than EVER . I might just burst into tears if I even see the scale this morning. (Either that or rip its insides out and run them over with my car.)

Does anyone want to do this with me? This whole shape-up thing? Let me know because I think I could use some support by now (obviously). Ha!

To get myself through the day, I’m posting a few Fitness Myths from Stacy Berman, certified fitness trainer and founder of Stacy’s Boot Camp :

Fitness Myth #1: A 20 Minute Walk Will Change Your Body Shape

One common misconception is that walking 20 minutes a day 5 to 6 days a week is all you need to do to “be in shape.” This is definitely true if you want to lead a longer, healthier life. Your heart, lungs, muscles, and joints will be healthier. You, however, will not lose large amounts of weight, tone muscles, and make them look “better.” In order to change your body shape, a much more intensive plan will have to be instituted. This plan should incorporate dietary changes, weight lifting, and more intense cardiovascular training. All of these activities will be needed to make substantive changes in body composition.

Fitness Myth #2: Weightlifting Raises Resting Metabolism

Another common misconception is that if you lift weights and add muscle mass you will lose weight when sitting due to a higher metabolism. Scientific studies of muscle metabolism have conclusively shown that skeletal muscle burns about 13 calories per kilogram of body weight over a 24 hour period. If a man weighs 70 Kg (154 Lbs), has about 28 Kg of skeletal muscle will burn about 22% of the calories his body uses through the day. Adding 4 pounds of muscle bulk thru weightlifting, during a high intensity 6 month lifting program, would result in burning 24 more calories per day. One bite of an Oreo cookie contains about 24 calories.

This does not mean that weight training should be avoided. Weight training will result in higher lean body mass. This translates into more efficient fat metabolism for energy. Cellular membranes are more permeable to glucose, reducing the need for excess insulin in the blood.

Fitness Myth #3: Specific Exercises Will Cause Spot Reduction

Many exercise devices are marketed to spot reduce or spot tone a specific body part. The idea is that by using their device you will be able to tone the inner thighs, for example. This is simply not true. Muscles utilize blood glucose, cellular energy stores, and blood fat for energy. Fat is not pulled from the area it is stored in to serve as energy in its own “neighborhood.” Once blood glucose levels are low, a hormonal reaction is triggered to metabolize stored fat for conversion to glucose for energy. Fat deposits are tapped in multiple places around the body, not adjacent to the body part requiring the need for energy. The amount of toning is based on one’s genetic predisposition for muscle growth and fat storage. We can not change how our body is programmed to add muscle and store fat.

Fitness Myth #4: Lifting Heavy Weight Will Add Bulk

Adults, both male and female, may or may not become “bulky” when lifting heavy weight. Conversely, women are often told to lift light weights with high repetitions to avoid “bulk.” These both are determined by our genetics, not our lifting routine. Women are less likely than men to add tremendous bulk when lifting weights. High levels of specific hormones are necessary for muscles to add large amounts of bulk. The genetics of each individual determine who can add bulk and who can not. An extension of this is that “muscle bulk” will make you heavier, slower and lose quickness. All of these have been proven scientifically untrue.

Fitness Myth #5: Prepackaged, Processed “Diet” Foods Are Best for Weight Loss

Weight loss is only accomplished when you burn more calories than you consume. That is, you have to exercise more to accommodate for the typical American high fat, fast food based diet. Caloric restriction should not be the “diet” of choice. A proper diet be composed of a balance of fruits and vegetables, whole grain derived foods, limited fat consumption, limited sugar consumption, and limited alcohol consumption. A well balanced diet will help to keep cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar low.
Foods should be freshly prepared; prepackaged foods tend to have been leached of essential vitamins and minerals. Avoid fried foods, high fat foods (cheaper cuts of red meats, processed sausages, and fast food hamburgers). A general rule of thumb is that the cheaper the meat, the higher the fat content. Fat is cheap, that’s why a fast food hamburger can be sold at such a low cost.

And finally, this article from SHAPE called "The Secret to Weight Loss? Calories" is just what I needed to get my mind back on track.

I’m serious about wanting someone to do this with me— if you’re in, shoot me an email and LET’S DO IT!

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  • Hi, I’m still loosing about 1-1.5 lbs per week by trying to control my calorie intake to 1200-1500/day, my meals are made of all kinds of vegetables and the good for you tofu. i buy a variety of fruits for snack. I count calories of what I eat and exercise 3 times/week doing intense weight training for 1 hr. plus 1/2 hr. cardio on the bike. If you can join classes at the gym, they are super calorie burners, that would be very effective for loosing weight. This is my third month, I hope i can keep it up until the end of this year. It’s hard, but I’m getting used to it (Before, I never exercised and I’m crazy about chocolate and crispy kettle cooked chips, the greasier, the better 😀 but my eating habits are changing and I’m surprisingly ok with it!) Good Luck Erika, I’m cheering you on (btw, you are seriously gorgeous already, so don’t stress out too much on changing your body shape)

    kristen (Reply)
  • Hi! Losing weight is tough (I’ve lost 12 lbs in 4 months), but maybe you should take some light weights with you when you go for your walks, do some lunges, and maybe even jog for short intervals? What about running some stairs at a park? If I lived by you, I’d totally go with you! Keep it up!

    claudia (Reply)
  • You know what, I’d do this with you if you like. I need to get back in shape anyways!

  • I can not believe I am willing to do this but yes, I’m in. I have been trying to loose the same 10-15 lbs forEVer. Now that I’m freelancing I have no excuse not to. First steps for me:
    No drinks besides water. Fruit at least 1 X per day and Just for today, no dessert. Greek Fage Yogurt Makes a great dessert replacement. You have my number call anytime you need support.

  • You are being way too hard on yourself. From reading your blog I would guess that’s the way you are. You have had a rough year so be kinder to yourself. Once you relax the weight will start to drop off, if that is your goal. So, go with it and be more accepting of yourself and what you have endured this year. You still look lovely and have gorgeous kids, so enjoy life a little more.

    Sharon (Reply)
  • Sharon! You’re so right— I need to be grateful for my health and my amazing family… it really has been a hard year for me and I appreciate you noticing that :)

    Laurie and Sarah— let’s just focus on being fit and healthy :) I’ll be in touch with you both via email! Thanks for your support.

  • look forward to hearing from you, doll – I realized just how out of shape I was when I was looking for my dog last night. I was tired after 5 minutes! 18 year olds should not tire out that quickly. ;-;

  • The desset got me. And the biscut this morning too…I can’t believe how unhealthy I eat. Cest la vie.

  • I’m in. I’ve been going to Jenny Craig for 5 weeks and have lost about 5 pounds. Maybe this is the “easy way out” because I dont have to do anything except take out my credit card, but at this point I am over planning my meals and counting my calories. The food is ok (definately NOT amazing, sorry Valerie Bertinelli et al) but at least I dont have to make it. I figure once I get down to a more managable weight, I’ll be more willing to start cooking light healthy meals again. Meanwhile – it’s freezer to microwave and presto.

    Michelle (Reply)
  • I’ve started to eat healthier – I’ve been recently diagnosed as having celiac disease, so cutting out gluten has forced me to cut out a lot of the crappy food in my diet, but not all of it. I need some support in eating healthier and working out, so I’m in as well.

    Abbey (Reply)
  • First of all I want to say I just love your blog, I thought it was a professional website !

    Another thing : you look absolutely gorgeous, and I wish I looked like you now even if I don’t have 37 years and 4 kids ! I got to find out what your weight was in kilos (metric system in France…)you are very slim ! Is this torture really necessary ? Of course being careful not to eat too greasy or sugary food is good for you, as well as working out a bit, but if you need to be exhausted and totally depressed, I don’t see the point.

    You’re beautiful, and I want to see you smile ! Take care,


    Annabelle (Reply)
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