Teen Corner: ALOHA!

Teen Corner

Guess what, people?! I’m in HAWAII :]]]]

The funny thing is, when I’m in Hawaii, I hardly wear any makeup. It’s so humid here, my face feels like it’s pretty much melting right off.

I find myself stuck in a dilemma because I want to look cute (OMG the boys here are so hottttt!!!) but the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate with me.

One way I keep my skin feeling revived is with Evian Mineral Water Spray . I LOVE this stuff. The mist is so fine and refreshing, it feels amazing.

Evian Mineral Water Spray

I swear this is going to get me through the long, hot summer.

What are YOU up to this summer? Any exciting vacation spots with super hot boys?! Tell me!



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  • im actually at summer school right now (im gonna be a freshie in high school): the opposite of a dream vacation spot. but some of the boys here are H-O-T!!I’ve got my eyes on 3 very special ones :)

    luv ur blog bree, keep up the good work!

    nessa (Reply)
  • Hi, Bree:

    I live here in HNL, so I know what you mean. The past 2 days have been hot, humid and NO tradewinds: the worst.

    Powder foundation and blot a LOT! And ponytails!

    Aloha, Auntie Soos

  • Oh yes I am in Nantucket on vacations- good vacation place for makeup as it doesnt get too humid! Cute boys too although they all seem to be wearing striped critter pants that make me laugh! I love your blog :]

    Morgan (Reply)
  • Your skin looks so fresh and clear in the picture above! I’ll have to try some of that Evian…. :) Thanks for the tip!

    Jaime (Reply)
  • hey bree this is nessa again…
    do u have a myspace or facebook? maybe we could be friends? 😀

  • Such a nice picture you took here. love your style :)

    kristen (Reply)

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