T3 Plump Heat-Seeking Liquid Hair Plumper

Always on the lookout for product that will add volume and body to our fine, limp hair—we turned to T3 Plump Heat Seeking Liquid Hair Plumper after our friend Amber gushed about its wonderfulness. (Have you seen Amber’s hair? Better than Serena Vanderwoodsen’s .)

We’ve given this product so many chances. It’s been over a month and we still reach for it each morning hoping that today will be the day it finally performs for us.

Sadly, that day has yet to come.

For someone with Serena Vanderwoodsen hair (aka: tons of hair; aaka: Amber ) we can see how this product could be a dream. For someone with not so much, baby-fine hair (aka: yours truly) it’s just not happening.

To achieve voluminous hair, nothing beats our Amplify Volumizing System by Matrix . If all else fails, we know Amplify will save the day for us and our hair.

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  • AAAAHHHH! I’m SO honored, Erika! You KNOW how vain I am about my hair, so I totally appreciate this. I have to let you in on a secret though: my hair is on the fine side. I’d categorize it as fine-to-medium. It’s the sheer amount of volumizers I use which make my hair look abundant. As always, I LURVE a Serena Van der Woodsen comparison. She is my hair-spiration. Thanks, doll. T3 Plump is the BEST, I’m glad you love it. I’m also loving Redken Body-Full Carbo Bodifier. It’s phenom for amping up fine hair.


  • Oops, sorry, just saw that you DIDN’T love T3 Plump! To each her own! I’ll have to try out Amplify Volumizing System and I recommend you try the aforementioned Redken Carbo Bodifier.

  • Who doesn’t want Serena’s hair? I’ve been wondering about this product for a long time, I see it in ads all the time and figured that since Orlando Pita helped create it well then it must be perfection. I have tons of hair, I swear sometimes I think half of it could fall out and I would still be left with a full head of hair, which makes for insanely long drying and flat-ironing time, but it still ends up flat at the root. Oddly enough all of this was made worse by the thermal reconditioning (“permanent straightening”) I had done about 3 or 4 years ago, which left me with constant little broken ends around the root even now and four, yes four, cow-licks! One in my bangs and three in the back of my head, its ridiculous. Got any tips for cow-licks?

    Kirsten (Reply)
  • Oh, my. I have the opposite problem. Too much hair and TOO BOINGY. I have had my hair flat ironed exactly ONCE in my life, and it took the poor woman over 20 minutes to do it! lol

    It was lovely, and lasted 2 days, but the smell of hot hair scared me to death. I could NEVER do this myself. Lots of product is the answer, and blow drying. I have no talent at it, however.

    Soos wanders off to WIN or BUY some hair…

  • i have never needed anything to add volume to my hair. so sorry this didn’t work for you erika…what a bummer. hope you find something soon!

  • True that the amplifier just works magic on hair, it gives the shine and bounce that we all love to have on our hair.


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