Makeup Bag Shapes Up: Week 4

Week 4, June 26th:

I should just call this—Make Up Bag Wants to Shape Up but is Failing Miserably: Week 4

Makeup Bag Shapes Up, Week 4

I sort of knew this was going to be a bad week.

Thanks to PMS I have been non-stop hungry. Even though I have been working out and taking an extra walk each evening, it apparently wasn’t quite enough to make up for those Doritos. Ha!

So much for the 142 I promised myself last week.

Have I mentioned that I won’t be defeated?

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  • Oh, Erika: I have the same intentions and roadblocks.

    “Have I mentioned that I won’t be defeated?”

    What about a smaller, interim victory?

    Best to you!

  • hi erika,
    I haven’t succeed in losing weight since I was a teen. Now at 31, I control myself better. The past month I’ve lost 10 lbs from 145. I started to count my calorie intake and not to exceed 1100 cal per day and I only exercise 2-3 times a week for an hour each, mostly weight train and when I’m more energetic , I’ll do cardio for 20-30 min. They say the bile machine burns more calories. We will be losing weight together, good luck!

    tritawan (Reply)
  • I meant bike machine.

    tritawan (Reply)
  • Hey Erika! I’m sure you’re doing great, keep it up!! I have a problem with keeping weight off after I’ve lost it. Once I fit into those favorite jeans again I forget that I need to work out and watch what I eat and before I know it they are too tight again. Which reminds me I need to go for a walk tonight when I get home.

  • Erika,
    Don’t beat yourself up! You are a crazy busy mama! I would like to recommend Fit Yummy Mummy- 15 minutes a day! Totally doable on a busy mom schedule!

  • Oh and if you want to get motivated in another way using her system, she is having a Summer Transformation Contest with really GREAT prizes… 😉

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