Makeup Bag Shapes Up: Week 3

Week 3, June 19th:

Makeup Bag Shapes Up Week 3


This is the week that I actually made a real effort and the scale went the wrong way. Gah!

Fit Flops Have you heard of Fit Flops ? They’re a line of fitness footwear that give you a workout while you walk. It sounds crazy, I know, but they totally work. You can actually feel your muscles engage when you wear them.

I don’t wear them out of the house much (except to walk the dogs) because they’re seriously FUG— especially for girls with wide feet like mine. But to shape up your legs while you’re just doing your thing around the house? BRILLIANT.

I’ve also been logging in daily to Allure’s Total Makeover . The Total Makeover section is one of my favorites—I always turn there first when I get a new issue to see the progress of the participants. It’s seriously motivating to see how these girls are transforming themselves. And dammit, I am going to be transformed too!

For this week, I’m upping my game plan. Watch out, scale. Next week you’ll be reading 142.

(Sorry for the grainy photo taken with my Blackberry. Bailey took my camera to a friend’s house and FORGOT IT THERE.)

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  • Haha, I’m only 18, and I live for the day when I weigh 147 again [I really miss my freshie days at 132]. Right now I’m around 160…very humiliating. You’re a pretty lucky doll!

  • Keep it up!! I decided to join Jenny Craig a week ago when I found that the 155 pounds that I thought I was, was actually 165 pounds. Yikes, cause even at 155, I am 20 lbs too heavy!! I should have joined before so I wouldnt be so fat this summer. Oh well, as my momma says, at least I have a pretty face.

    Michelle (Reply)
  • Hang in there Erica! I’m going through the same thing right now too, (scale not behaving as I wished), but whats the alternative right? You’ll be happy in a month from now if you just keep up the good work! :)

    Gretchen (Reply)
  • It could just be that you weighed yourself later in the day than the last time you weighed in! Or, maybe you’re wearing heavier underwear?!? :) That’s what I tell myself when the scale tells me what I don’t want to hear.

    Jaime (Reply)

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