Happy Father’s Day

I want to take a moment to remember my very special dad on Father’s Day.

Dad, me, Bree and Bailey

(circa 1999)

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  • That is so sweet. My thoughts go to your Dad, too.

  • my thoughts are with you erika, you look so much like your dad around the mouth and the eyes.

  • I love this…god bless

    Johanna (Reply)
  • A really sweet picture Erika. I can tell how close you are as a family. My thought are with you all on Fathers Day.

    Anna (Reply)
  • What a great picture!

    claudia (Reply)
  • that is a truly beautiful photo. hope the day wasn’t too difficult for you all. /hug

    laura (Reply)
  • Lovely photo, I know this holiday must have been hard, thinking of you.

  • Your dad looks sooo familiar. Or it may just be that I see so much of him in your face and your children’s, (((Erika))).


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